Dan da Punk
Er, right…
A couple of years ago our church did an outreach event for Christmas. We were carol singing in the foyer of the local Asda supermarket.
They also did this little drama sketch where there are these four people and someone in a mask. The first three people were a rich man, a demonstrator with a banner and a punk rocker – i.e. materialists. Each of these people try to show the masked person how to enjoy riches, radicalism and anarchism… none of these last, however.
Then the fourth person approaches with a Bible and shows the masked person about having faith in Jesus. This lasts forever, so the person is able to remove the mask.
I don’t know how they talked me into this, but I played the punkster.
Of course, since the average passer-by that was coming to Asda probably didn’t know anything about Jesus (and therefore didn’t get it), I felt it went down like a ‘lead zeppelin’!