The Three Cramps
For some years, we used to be part of the St Peterís Village History Tour as the Cramp family. The Reverend Thomas Cramp used to be the minister of the church on the road to Meergate (the town we now call Margate). Since the building there was too small to accommodate them any longer, they split up and formed two new churches: Cecil Square in Margate and St Peters. Thomas Cramp was the first man to lead this church.
As part of the Village Tour, Mum played the role of Frances, his second wife, and I appeared in the role of John Mockett Cramp, who later went on to become quite a famous man himself.
This picture also shows our two dogs, Mr Jingle (the one lying down) and Stryder (who has his back to us). They appeared in the Tour, because Thomas Cramp used to keep a dog. He would sleep in his pulpit and would get up and start moving around when he thought he had been preaching for too long!