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    This section contains photographs of both our immediate family and some of our ancestors.
    To view the photo galleries, please click the thumbnails.
    Note: these sections are relatively new. New galleries may be added later.

    Family Photos This gallery features a number of photos of the family and pets.
    Be warned, this gallery also features a few pictures of me!
    Family History Mum and Dad are somewhat interested in family history, so they have also mananged to gather a number of old photos from various sources.
    Stilwell Reunion This is rather a long story, but for some time Mum had become acquainted (via the Internet) with Martin Stilwell. Since the name features in our own family tree, we guessed that we must be cousins. Then at the start of 2006, Martin came up with proof! We officially are cousins!
    My Graduation After three years of studying Digital Media, doing website and interactive CD projects or being bored to death by lectures on the theory side, we finally graduated!
    The graduation ceremony took place on November 24th 2006.
    Silver Anniversary On Sunday, April 22nd, my parents celebrated their Silver Wedding Anniversary by retaking their marriage vows in a special church service. Here follows a few photographic highlights.
    I also produced a PowerPoint presentation (about 10MBs) for the event.
    Moving to Mildenhall A set of photos showing the town of Mildenhall, where we have now moved to.
    A nice quiet little town, yet self-contained with its own shops and marketplace. There's even a local Jobcentre!