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“’Allo, mate! I’m Spencer. Spencer Ian Ratell! I’m pals with Dan an’ Fred… an’ also a bit of a whizz with computers! I got a lovely bunch o’ animations ’ere; you might find ’em interesting…”

This page features a small showcase of some simple games and experimental concepts that I put together, using the ActionScript coding language of Flash in tandem with my animating skills.

Please note, these are external links that will take you to my deviantART account where most of my projects are showcased.

Game Showcase

Sadman’s Maze

Sadman Insane is threatening the world with his WMDs and only by penetrating the mazelike corridors of his secret headquarters can you stop him!
Originally based on a puzzle/maze that I drew in MS Paint I made this to explore the possibilities of the Flash ActionScript programming code.
Produced in 2006.
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Platformer Game Tests

This series of game tests was made initially following the basic example of a contact’s simple “platformer game” tutorial. Having grasped the idea in early tests, I made further prototypes to explore additional elements as improved collision, walls, ceilings and other obstacles and hazards, including health/fighting.
Being my most athletic original character at the time, I chose my ferret Frederick as the protagonist… which also led to choosing mad killer rabbits as his adversaries! Produced in 2006-2007.

Target Practice

A test for randomly generated targets, as well as an early prototype for my Cannon Wars game (see below), this was created to perfect the aiming interface for the cannon, which shoots bombs based on the angle and velocity set by the player.
Also includes an option for deciding what happens if bombs go outside the border boundaries…
Produced in 2007.

Cannon Wars

Loosely based on the old classic “Tanks” DOS-Games, the basic concept is to control the cannons to blow each other up with well-placed shots.
A basic CPU can be set up to play against you, and there are also options for wind that affects how bombs travel in the air as well as alternative ammunition types that can be set in the menu screen. Produced in 2007.

“Darien the Dart” Prototype

For this simple game concept, I hoped to improve on what I did with Frederick’s platformer prototypes (see above), only using Darien the Dart, a heroic warrior mouse of mine as the main playable-character.
Besides re-familiarising myself with the platformer game code, I hoped to set up a better camera control that works without interfering with the collision-detections, and also to improve on the older coding.
Chiefly of all, I wanted to see if the concept of Darien’s signature weapon, a rope-dart, was going to work as I intended – as both a weapon and a grapnel.
Produced in 2007.
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