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“’Allo, mate! I’m Spencer. Spencer Ian Ratell! I’m pals with Dan an’ Fred… an’ also a bit of a whizz with computers! I got a lovely bunch o’ animations ’ere; you might find ’em interesting…”

This page is dedicated to a collection of highlights from my animated cartoon shorts created using Adobe Flash or other software. Starting with some early and basic animations, you can see how my skill developed compared with the more recent features.

Please note, these are external links that will take you to my deviantART and/or YouTube accounts where most of my projects are showcased.

Early Animations

The Mad Scientist

Although I also did do a few short exercises to learn the ropes and such, this was my first proper cartoon feature, produced in about 2003.
In this short, we follow the shenagigans of the titular Mad Scientist, and his subsequent thwarting by the local superheroes!

Turn the Tables

A cartoon from the early days about what would happen if the tables were turned. In this convention-breaking feature, the oppressors become the oppressed, to hilarious effect!
Produced in about 2004.

Crazy Cluedo

Originally just a silly sound file, this one developed into a Cluedo parody in which one of the main characters lies murdered as a maniacal killer stalks Arlington Hall.
In addition, the viewer gets to briefly play sleuth by viewing to each suspect’s statement and guessing who the killer was… before watching the most improbable ending!
Produced in about 2005.


Two versions of the same animation in one.
This was originally a project submitted at University as an assignment for a module in learning how to use Flash, for which I scored a mark of 65% for (as always, the ‘written analysis’ part of the assignment prevented my grade from being higher)
The new version has the same narrative, but with some improved graphics and mouth animation.
The two versions were produced around 2003 & 2006.
Cartoon Features

The Hole in the Ground

Based on the classic comic-song by Ted Dicks and Myles Rudge, sung by Bernard Cribbins.
Featuring my characters Cribbs and Fred, the Cat & Dog Busy Buddies Odd-Jobs team.
As the story behind this short goes, the pair are working the road when this bloke in a bowler hat comes along and tries to shove his oar in, much to Cribbs’ annoyance…
Produced in 2007.

Right Said Fred

Based on the classic comic-song by Ted Dicks and Myles Rudge, sung by Bernard Cribbins.
Featuring a return of Cribbs and Fred, the Cat & Dog Busy Buddies Odd-Jobs duo - and introducing their friend and workmate, Charlie.
In this hilarious short, our heroes are assigned to the task of moving an unidentified but unwieldy piece of furniture…
Long story short… they don’t have much luck…
Produced in 2012.

Hydrex Adventure

Based on the original concept by The Sonic Team, this is a variation of the "Sonic Adventure DX" storyline, but with my otter-characters, Leroy "Hydrex" & Pearl Rudderbuck.
(Note: this was before I gave them their “anthro-redesign” to intrigate them into Danbuster’s echelon)
Life is quiet for the Rudderbucks as always, until Pearl, while out on a shopping trip, gets abducted by Dr Eggman’s robots along with Amy Rose. Upon hearing of his wife’s situation, Hydrex and his neighbour Big the Cat set out to rescue her, following the trail of Sonic and Tails.
The original feature appears on deviantART in two halves (due to being too large to export as a whole)
Produced in 2010.

Prince of Persia (Alternate Version)

An affectionate parody of the classic 1990 DOS-game, Prince of Persia developed by Jordan Mechner.
I claim no credit for the game - all I did here was animate a cartoon movie using the sprites taken from it as a basis for the graphics.
This was just a non-profit animation made for fun as a spoof on the game’s simple plot (or lack thereof) as the protagonist tries to save his beloved from a fate worse than death.
Produced in 2013.

Alex’s Birthday Party

Made in collaboration with a good friend of mine, “Alex Raccoon Glider” as personal favour for his birthday. My animation here was mainly based on a script that Alex wrote himself.
In this cartoon, the Dan Clan and many other friends from deviantART have been invited to the American Raccoon Glider’s house in the swamps of Florida… what could possibly go wrong…?
Produced in 2014.

Euan’s Surprise

A short simple birthday animation for another online friend, “Euan the Echidhog
Featuring my own characters, and those of other mutual friends online.
Produced in 2016.
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