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This page is dedicated to the books I have written and published for public access. From here, I have provided some external links to the Amazon shopping site where they are available for purchase.

Boaz the Harvest Mouse

Boaz and the Crow — £5.99

Boaz and his harvest mice friends lived a peaceful life in their field. There was plenty of wheat to go around and nobody went hungry. But then one day, their usual routine was disturbed when a big bullying crow moved in…
Finding themselves pushed around by someone stronger than themselves, it appeared the mice might go hungry – until Boaz found somebody even stronger to rely on within the pages of his Bible…
Available since November 2015.

Boaz the Wise Builder — £6.99

It is a beautiful summers day over the field that the harvest mice call home. But unfortunately, this cannot last; storm clouds are gathering, bringing with it the threat of flash floods when the river rises. Now Boaz and his pet caterpillar, Chrys, are joined by his friends as they attempt to follow the example of a wise man who built his house upon a rock. At the same time, a local mole named Montague remains stubbornly convinced that there’s no danger. Can a way be found to secure Boaz’s hollow log home? Will Montague’s foolishness land him in hot water?
Available since May 2017.
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