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Hello, my name is Daniel Normington. I am the creator of Danbuster, his Dan Clan and all their friends.

I am a character artist and a post-graduate with a BA Honours Degree in Digital Media in 2006. I have a keen interest in drawing and character illustration, as well as some animation skills with Adobe Flash. In my degree, I also learned how make websites and can use Adobe Photoshop.

My final mark was a Second Level: Lower Division (2.2)

Unfortunately, subsequently finding full-time work has been difficult… I might even say impossible! Bar a few short-term jobs such as Christmas Casual work for Royal Mail, or temporary “Getting back to work” placement schemes, the most consistent employment I’ve managed to secure in recent years is voluntary work at the local food bank that is run by our church.

Still, with all this free time, I have been able to employ myself with various creative projects as you will see on this website, including the writing and illustrating of my own books, featuring the characters that I have created and developed over the years.

How do I cope with him?!
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