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Pricing - Layout & Printing

Our printers accept work in Adobe Acrobat format (also known as PDF), with covers in TIFF graphic format. Not everyone is able to generate this or wants to go to the trouble of checking the formatting of every page prior to printing.

Berea House will undertake this work for you, at the following charges…

Base cost£10
Each page of the final book10p
Each illustration (photograph or line drawing20p

Note that each page may contain between 350 and 500 words depending on print size.

These charges do not include any grammer or spelling check – only hyphenation will be checked and modified as necessary.

All books will be printed to a multiple of 4 pages, and a maximum pagination of 496 can be undertaken. 250,000 words is just possible inside this pagination, though the print would inevitably be very small. Included in this pagination will be a minimum of 4 pages of preamble, not including Table of Contents and such like if included.


Cover Design

You may have good ideas as to what you want the cover of your book to look like, but be unable to realise it. Or you may have no thoughts at all, and need some inspiration.

Berea House will be happy to design a cover inspired by the content of your book, or to come up with some abstract design if more appropriate for a flat fee of £50. Our graphic designers will put their heads together and make some suggestions.

All is subject to your approval, of course.

In addition to this, Berea House can add an ISBN to your work, including a bar code on the back of the book. The charge for this is £10. This is especially important if you want your work to be listed by suppliers such as Amazon. An ISBN is not required, but helps bookshops to order copies.


If you elect to include an ISBN, you will also be required to supply a copy of books to each of the legal deposit libraries (6 in all). Berea House will undertake this deposit for you, but you will need to supply the copies from your stock.

If we design a cover for your book, even if the idea was yours, copyright in the cover design would belong to the artist, and not to you. This needs to be borne in mind if ever you were to go for a reprint from another source.



We believe you will not find better printing charges than those offered by print-works we have previously used. The costs may be found by looking directly at their web site on this page:

Note that carriage from the printer to the client is additional to the figures shown in this chart.

Once you are happy with the layout and cover design we have produced, you can contact them yourself to arrange printing, or we will happily do the negotiations for you and forward the prepared book on CD without charge.

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