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We may all think that we are great writers, but often when what we have written is looked at by others errors we overlook become glaringly obvious to them.

To avoid putting out work that others might regard as amateurish, it is suggested that you should have it checked by someone with training in good English. They would also be able to advise if anything was offensive or potentially libellous.

You may know someone who can do this for you, but if you do not, why not use our cost-effective service.

Charging is done on a per thousand words basis, as follows:

First 5,000 words£5.00 per thousand
Next 5,000 words£3.75 per thousand
Next 15,000 words£3.00 per thousand
Next 15,000 words£2.50 per thousand
Next 35,000 words£2.25 per thousand
Above 75,000 words£2.00 per thousand


A small book of short stories, amounting to 13,000 words would cost £52.75.
A typical children’s novel of 45,000 words would cost £137.50.
A large Bible commentary of 95,000 words would cost £245.00.
Your epic sequel to Lord of the Rings of 250,000 words would cost £555.00.

Please onMouseOver="window.status='Send an email enquiry';return true" onMouseOut="window.status='';return true" style="color:#0000FF">email us for a precise quote for your own work. Please include a sample of the work with your initial email, so we can assess the amount of work involved.


Always contact us prior to submitting work.

All work should be submitted in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (RTF), as an email attachment or on CD.

We will not charge you until we have an agreed price and seen your work, but will not commence editing until your remittance has cleared with our bankers.

All payments must be made in pounds sterling by cheque.

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