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Self publishing at a sensible price


Berea House exists to help authors make their work available to friends, family and more widely.

We know the frustrations of trying to break into print through publishers who have little incentive to be innovative and unprepared to take risks.

We do not make profits… all our charges are on a time-and-materials basis… and we source all our business as cost-effectively as possible.


Please note we produce books– not tracts, leaflets, pamphlets or periodicals. All will be perfect bound in paperback format on A5 sized pages, with adequate margins in a clear and readable font.

Although it is possible to include colour pages, this increases the printing costs considerably, and may not be cost-effective. We do not include colour printing costs on these pages. This does not effect the use of line drawings or black-and-white photographs or charts.

In order to keep costs down, a suggested minimum print run of 250 copies can be undertaken, but costs reduce for larger print runs. Printing fewer copies than this increases the cost dramatically.

All books we prepare are marketed by their own authors, and also advertised on these pages. Please take time to browse around our site to see if what we offer suits your needs.

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