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Christine Normington - Meet the Author

I have enjoyed writing ‘stories’ for as long as I can remember, and later on in my teens I wanted to write a book. However, at that stage, I had never progressed any further than trying to emulate Enid Blyton, Wilkie Collins, Charlotte Bronte or whomsoever I happened to be reading at the time!

It wasn’t until some years later when I was recovering from a bout of ’flu that I mapped out a complete storyline in my head and happened to mention this desire to write a book, to my husband Eric. He led me to our then-Amstrad PCW, sat me in front of it and said, “Well, get on with it then!”

Not only did Eric actively encourage me to complete my first book, but he also type set and edited it. Eventually, other books followed until we both felt satisfied enough to put something into print — hence The Noose and the Tightrope, which we have published ourselves.

Presenting this book to the public has been a mixture of fun, joy and hair-raisingly scary!

Fun not just because of going through the process of preparing and editing the text ready for printing, but in creating the cover, largely done by our son Daniel, who also designed the noose. The backdrop is taken from a photo overlooking Loch Arrochar, and the foreground our friend Nicki, perched on the back of her Mum’s settee with arms extended to make an excellent tightrope walker. Unfortunately, her feet sank into it so much that they had to be photographed separately (on the table top) and later grafted back into place by Daniel, who initially stuck them on the wrong way round!

The joy was unpacking MY books when they arrived back from the printers knowing this was entirely my own creation (well… almost), a bit like holding your firstborn child in your arms for the first time!

The hair-raisingly scary it comes now… approaching friends, family and the general public in the hope of selling it. Will they like it? Will they hate it?

So far I have been delighted with the response, as most have said they couldn’t put it down! I don’t expect to become World Famous off the back of this one book, but I would like to earn enough money to print another quite soon.

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